Services for Refugees

Refugees and asylum seekers are forced to flee their home and countries, often at a moment’s notice, in order to save their lives.  Before and during their flight, they may have experienced extreme forms of trauma which can have long-term physical and psychological impacts, necessitating both medical and mental health care.  This target population not only suffers from extreme trauma but also from displacement of country, culture, employment and family.  Their trauma is often exacerbated through the resettlement process, triggered when they attempt to negotiate unfamiliar systems in the United States.

The New Refugee Services program is designed for newly arrived refugees and their families resettling in the U.S. and Santa Clara County for less than five years to improve their abilities in dealing with stressors experienced in the new country such as adapting to the new culture and language, managing financial difficulties, and dealing with emotional challenges such as depression and anxiety.

The New Refugee Services will focus on two types of services:

Mental Health Prevention services:

  • Provide mental health awareness and literacy training to service providers working with refugees (e.g., resettlement agency staff)
  • Conduct prevention and education outreach activities in refugee communities, including presentations, films and discussion groups
  • Develop short films promoting mental health for several ethnic groups to be incorporated in service provision
  • Translate and promote mental health literacy and outreach material

Mental Health Intervention services:

  • Brief cognitive-behavioral therapy in various modalities (individual, group, family)
  • Collaborate and coordinate case management services with resettlement agencies
  • Medication management services, when needed
  • Utilize services and interventions that are culturally relevant, strengths based and support the traditional beliefs of the refugee

Additionally, CST offers a variety of complementary services:

  • Psychological support system, including evaluation of torture for political asylum, psychotherapy, and helpful medications
  • Medical support system
  • Social service support system
  • Legal support system
  • Family support system
  • Training and consultation for health workers, lawyers, and others

Who is Eligible?

  • Refugees who have entered the United States within the last 5 years; or
  • Asylees who have been granted Qualified Alien Status within the last 5 years

How to Obtain Services

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving mental health services or you would like more information, please call the New Refugee Services message line at:

(408) 975-2366

This is a message only line.  Please leave a message in your preferred language and a staff member will contact you.